Seminar incentive, Team building, lake and mountain

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Aravis Mountain
La Clusaz
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Menthon Saint Bernard
Saint Jean
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    The mystery of La Clusaz
    The multi-activity relay
    Original evening event under teepees
    Create a friendly space for your event ...
3 teams, 3 places, 3 puzzles to solve, 3 hours of activity ...
This activity will allow you to mix the biathlon shot with rifle and a snowshoe relay!
The new Team-building activity !!
Nature Experiences offers an "all inclusive"concept for the organization of nomad lunch, gala, product launch or event ...
From the village of La Clusaz, go to activity gondola ...
From the shores of the lake, discover the essence of Lake Annecy studied following a custom tour!
Discover more snow activities!
Accessible to all and very playful ... not to be missed!
Gain altitude for these outdoor activities...
Slides in the village in the late afternoon
Relaxation and friendliness up in the mountain
Discover unique sensations ...
From the top of Beauregard, test this new gliding ...
The combination of dogsledding and a "snow" activity
Luge and musical break program
Who has not dreamed of driving a snowmobile, surrounded by magnificent white landscapes?
This is THE festival restaurant in la Clusaz
The character of an old alpine chalet ... followed by sledging to the village
Relax after your day's work ...
Secluded and intimate, this refuge of 1810 welcomes you to a warm and festive evening!
45min of sledging followed by a good Savoyard dinner!
For an original evening, a mix of activity and dinner in the village
Mix snowmobile and meals in altitude, 1h from La Clusaz!
A full day in La Clusaz, as part of your works council or of your day "collaborators" with or without families ... Accessible to all!
A nomad evening quality party concept under dome ...
80 to 600m2 ... Enjoy exceptional space under the only one structure classified ERP in France!
This new 110m2 sail offers a daytime shading area or a warm atmosphere at your next event.
Your machine does hold up ... Ready? Go ....
You must leave the beach as soon as possible on board your floating boat ...
Discover biathlon shooting in a fun way ...
At the heart of our mountain villages, enjoy the wealth of flavors Savoy!
Traveling Haute-Savoie with 2CV car ... What a great idea!
Why not focus all the energy into action to prepare an original local aperitif?
You've heard about it? A mix between Kolhanta and commando training ... Come and test with us!
Embark on your team for a crossing of Lake ...
Special day for all of your employees, ideal for large groups ...
Teams break away in the village for a race....
A wide choice of activities for all of your employees ...
Share originality, novelty and conviviality with your team!
Unusual and isolated place for this half day activity
Discover mountain landscapes with your team
THE new concept of nomadic meal, bbq, griddle, wok ...
A few minutes walk from the village of La Clusaz, we offer 2 hours of activity accessible to all, with learning DVA.
This team-building activity, you will discover the beautiful village of La Clusaz ...
Full of serenity during day ... Places to dance in the evening!
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